Institute of Information Science and Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
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Welcome to the Computational Genomics Lab!

The Computational Genomics Lab is a jointly-sponsored core facility and technology development project of the National Science Council, the Institute of Information Science and the Genomics Research Center of Academia Sinica in Taiwan.

Our research interests include Molecular Evolution, Yeast Evolution Biology, Gene Annotation and Comparative Genomics. The mission of our lab is twofold: (1) to develop large-scale sequence alignment and visualization tools and their applications in the realm of bioinformatics; (2) to provide a web-based personalized research environment for study of computational and evolutionary genomics.

We would like to achieve the goal of not only providing life scientists a unified platform for information gathering and comparison, but also an intuitive and easy-to-use environment to focus on their researches, instead of low-level visualization technique.

  • SinicView Version 1.0.3 is now available.(2006/03/15)

Large-scale pairwise sequence alignment
Large-scale alignment visualization tool
Yeast transcription binding site identification
Large-number alignment visualization tool
Mining Yeast Binding Sites


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